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When Companies Don't Listen

Being Tone Deaf At Work
03 October 2023

Today, companies seem more disconnected than ever. While there is a large focus on other aspects of a company -DEI; understanding the challenges overall in the business are getting missed. Being 'tone deaf' in corporate settings is one of the faster ways to erode culture. Imagine if a company is like a person who can't hear well, so they don't understand what's really happening around them. This can cause big problems, especially in how they communicate with their employees and customers.


Tone deafness in a company means that they miss important cues and don't pay attention to what people are saying or feeling. It's like trying to talk to someone, but they're not really listening to you.


 Imagine you work for a big company that just had a lot of people laid off. It's a tough time for everyone. Now, the CEO of the company decides to have a meeting to talk about the future and how great everything will be. Just after the layoffs. But the problem is, while he's saying all these positive things, the employees can see their coworkers leaving and packing their stuff. It's like he's not really understanding what's going on and how they feel. That's an example of tone deaf leadership.


So, it's important for companies to listen to their employees and be aware of what's happening around them. This will help avoid sometimes very painful and embarrassing moments.


If you manage a team, be very intentional about how you stay close to the heart of your team. Don't miss an opportunity to do or say the right thing at the right time.




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