AT THE END OF THE DAY, the person who is most effective as a leader is NOT the smartest person in the room. It’s the person who asks the best
The Great Resignation isn't just a thing in America, my friend. Labor shortages and market turbulence are happening worldwide. Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia - they're all feeling the heat.
I have invested $10,000’s in coaching over the years. Business coaching, Life Coach, Golf Coach, Jiu-Jitsu Coach, Boxing Coach, Personal Trainer...I have invested a TON in myself. I will continue
Thank you Tom Watson Jr. for this thought.  In sales we hear a similar idea. “It’s a numbers game.  Make more calls, you’ll get more sales.” I don’t think Mr.
KISS. Not the band. [although they are a great band] Some of the best advice I have gotten over the years has been a derivative of KISS. [Keep It Simple
Don’t Let the Fear of Failure Limit Your Life There’s not a lot to fear if you’re living in a first-world country. We’re free of wars, famine, plagues, animals that
Have you ever heard of a “lightbulb moment?” Lightbulb moments are the spark at heart of a new product, business, or innovation. Entrepreneurs use this term to describe the periods


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