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Control Over Your Time

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching to help you get control.

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  • more freedom to do what you want

  • a plan that details how you'll get there.

  • a better handle on where you want to go

  • less stress in your life

  • more time in your day

  • a business that can run well even when you're not there

  • customers to stay longer and spend more

  • a regular flow of new customers

  • consistent revenue

  • your business to be more profitable

If you want...

get control

In the beginning it just feels like you are working hard. And that feels good! Because we're told  that working 80 hours a week IS working hard. So...you continue to push week after week. Building your dream.

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You start a business so you can control what you do with your time. How much money you earn.

No one starts a business just to have a job.

take control of your business

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THEN the novelty of 'working hard' wears off. Working 80 hours a week ISN'T a badge of honor.


Missing family events. Kid's activities. SHOULDN'T BE the cost you pay to build your own business.

Your business now decides when you can see your family. How much money you can take out of the ATM.

IF you don't do something, pretty soon your business begins to consume your life. You don't notice it because you are building your business. 

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It doesn't have to be this way. 


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Getting everything you wanted in your business without having to:

worry about what to do next

survive on determination alone

grind every single day

Enjoy your business again

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  • Veteran of The United States Marine Corps

  • 3 Decades in business

  • Started & Sold Businesses

  • Created & Launched new services

  • Helped other business owners launch and grow their business

  • Certified Coach

  • Here to serve others!

Brad Koch

I help business owners solve problems, make more money, and regain control of their life.

Meet Your Guide

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Support when you are outside your comfort zone. Accountability for you to execute.

Help With Systems & Processes

Marketing systems working with Sales systems working with Operating systems.

Unbiased Feedback

Clear. Actionable. Honest.

Marketing Strategy

Create a clear message and put it where it is easy for your ideal customers to find.

Save 10's of thousands

Avoid spending money trying to figure it out by yourself. Benefit from my experience.

Step-by-Step Plan

At any stage: startup, scale, exit

What you can expect from working with me:

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I believe small businesses are the backbone of our country. It's an honor to strengthen our communities...one small business at a time.

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Highly Recommended by Locals On Alignable

My first impression of 4Sight was that they were detailed, professional and had a great reputation. By the end of month 2 I was blown away by how much I accomplished. 4Sight measures everything. They say all the time that coaching is an investment and it should pay you a return. They take it to heart. Especially Brad.

It's hard to explain...but when you are in the coaching session with Brad (even between sessions), there is a calm confidence about him. You know that your business and your life is going to be better with 4Sight.

Since working with them, my sales have gone up about 45% and profitability increase 25%. My culture at work has improved and recruiting has been a little easier because of it.

Rob Halfort 

2 location HVAC


Coach Brad is a results driven business coach that will help your organization on point. Highly Recommended. 

Owner, Tradebank


Having worked off and on for about 5 years with coaches, I have not really found any relationship sticking. Most of the time I felt as though the coach was either telling me how to solve my issue or shoving their big-name tools in my face.Brad has been a nice change. He is ONLY focused on helping me improve. Brad uses very effective tools and frameworks. Using what will help that business on that issue...but more important, Brad has many years of experience in business that he brings into each coaching session.Some of the best changes I made in my business came from rolling up my sleeves and just figuring things out with Brad. He has become my Advisory Board of 1. Go 4Sight.

JB - Serial Entrepreneur


Brad was the speaker at our Mastermind for a group of Real Estate Agents and they LOVED it! He brings so much value. I highly recommend him for any business!

Shannon D

Gagliano Mortgage

4Sight (Brad), was great to work with. I needed some help revising our incentive plan. 4Sight really helped me get through a potentially stressful couple of months. My team is happy with the results and after seeing some positive changes around here, I am liking the results too.

Mindy Thomas

Graphic Solutions

The hardest thing for me was acknowledging that I did not know everything. That I could use some help. Once I did, my business and life improved. Almost instantly.

Rich Amcest

Franchise Owner

What some others have said:

Brad has an incredible background in business... the biggest thing is that he cares and wants to see his clients succeed. He is willing to have tough yet beneficial conversations with business owners and employees. Highly recommend his services!

Casey Bentley -

Consistency and creativity is a must in coaching and business and Brad has both. 

Joey Toone - Magic City Pest Control


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