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Flight Instructor For Your Business

Picture of 4 people in an airplane. a flight instructor for your business.
03 October 2023

I recently became certified in Business Made Simple (BMS). BMS has some very good tools to help business owners reach their goals. They complement many of the other resources I have been using which helps me deliver the best Business & Executive Coaching possible.


What I really l like about BMS is the framework. The analogy of your business as a plane. It’s brilliantly simple yet very useful. I am kicking myself for not coming up with this myself. As you may know, I got my pilot’s license about 5 years ago. As I was learning to fly I saw many similarities to running a business. Albeit, the stakes were a little higher.


In the beginning of flight training, it was overwhelming. It was everything I could do to keep the plane in the air. While I had an instructor, many times it felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants. (Flying without instruments or a real flight plan. Using pilot intuition) When you are starting a business or a new career, it can feel the same way. Daily, just follow your intuition.


Pilots have systems and processes they follow…to the letter. There are so many things to focus on at critical stages of flight (take off & Landing). Without a framework or checklists, it is overwhelming. I really appreciate the value of checklists and processes.

In business the same is true. Every decision and every action slows to a snail’s pace without checklists and SOPs. Even in the best of times. Can you imagine what it does in challenging times? Even the most creative organizations need SOP’s.


(Time for a heading check – something a pilot is constantly doing when hand flying.)


Let’s bring this in for a landing.

I see myself as a flight instructor to businesses. Helping you to do a proper pre-flight inspection of your business. Creating the operating principles that are easy to repeat and drive value. As your business takes off with an awesome flight plan, I become Air Traffic Control (ATC). You are flying your business. ATC is here to help you find the smoothest air and keep you away from other planes (mountains and tall buildings). When you are in the clouds, ATC will be your eyes to get you out safely. As a coach, when your vision of the business becomes clouded, I will get you safely to the next checkpoint.



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I am passionate about helping business owners succeed. Can I be your Flight Instructor for your business?


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