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Business Coaching helps just about everyone. Just not you.

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03 October 2023

I know where this article is going and it was still hard to write that headline.  Dang Hard!


Business Coaching works if: the client is willing to grow (change in some way) & there is a gap between where they are today and where they want to be.


That is true about any change, isn’t it? The formula is not difficult to understand, but do; that’s another story. I have seen some friends make tremendous strides because they were finally open to growing, and they had a halfway decent coach. Okay, I am being kind—an ‘okay’ coach. Imagine what they could have accomplished had they a great coach. (they must have lost my number)


About a month ago, I joined a local BNI group. It has been great meeting other business men and women in the area. It has forced me to think about how I talk about coaching. Coaching gets thrown around a bunch these days. 


Here are a few reasons / benefits to have a Business Coach:


You Make Better Decisions

Part of embarking on a new coaching relationship is this “here /there” assessment. There is this perfect opportunity to get very clear on where you are and where you want to be. Having someone who is not aware of and not terribly interested in the many reasons why you are where you are today is liberating. All of the energy spent is on today and tomorrow. As such, I know you make better decisions. Laser-focused decisions that move you from here to there.


You are going to raise your own bar

Something peculiar happens when you get clear, get a plan, and begin to move in a new direction. You get energized. The “I can do this” kind of energized. Even more, you look to bigger challenges and opportunities. (it’s good you have a coach to keep you focused and not ahead of yourself). For most of us, all we need is some clarity, a plan, and a small win to bring out a competition beast inside. You will do more to feed that beast. Hence raising your sights on exciting things.


 Because you are setting larger goals and making better decisions, guess what? You are going to make more money. 

From a practical standpoint, you will put together a financial strategy based on today and the ‘future you’ with your business coach. You will see more opportunities, have the confidence to pursue more options, and dare to make the decisions to see them through. You will make more money. Period. I have yet to see someone not increase their financial picture. 


You may be asking, “Brad, how can this last?” 

It’s a fair question. The key is being in balance. A good business coach knows that any gains on the business front are short-lived if you are not in balance. Being balanced is learning how to be a little selfish. Not saying yes to everything. Being equally present at home and at work. Part of the transition that takes place as a business owner is stepping out of some day-to-day operations, building a capable and trustworthy team to delegate.

(Truth be told, this is harder than many think. Most business owners (Entrepreneurs) are highly driven people.)

Back the grumpy guy and the stark headline. The first coach I had outside of sports was European. Which is only important to know that he was blunt.  He didn’t look for eloquent ways to say things to shield the person from some embarrassment or pain.  Nope.  He had to say the truth as he saw it; how you dealt with it was on you.


I was much younger than I am, and still actively protecting my ego.  So after a few less than stellar efforts on my part, he called me out. I built a fort around my ego with the reasons why I did not do so well.  I made the mistake of saying something to the effect of, “…well maybe coaching just doesn’t work on me.”  That’s when he replied, “yes, you are right.  Coaching works for everyone, just not you.”

 This was one of those moments in life that nudges your trajectory. Remember what I said above.  There has to be a gap with where you are and where you want to be. AND, you must be willing to change (put in the work).


 There are many other benefits to working with a coach. These seem like a good bunch to use as talking points in my next BNI meeting. 

 My hope is that you know, without doubt, coaching more than pays for itself. If it doesn’t, ask yourself if you are really ready to make a change


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