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Are you writing your life story...or is Fate?

Article about trust in teams. And how if you don't have it, the team won't function.
03 October 2023

I have that sick feeling deep in my gut. I started to sweat.” Holy crap,  can I do this?” Doubt raced through my mind. Just then, I heard a voice whisper in my ear. A familiar voice. Sounding worried as if what I was about to do, had something to do with them.


“No pressure Brad, but don’t make things hard for me.” said the voice. 


I turned to see myself… 5 years from now. “What do you want me to do?” I ask.

“I can’t tell you that,” future Brad said, frustrated. “You, current Brad, haven’t determined what you want in the future. You do all of these lists and to-do’s… Hardly anything you are doing is the same week to week. And it totally sucks for all of us!”


 “Wait, all of us?”

“Do you think that only 5-year Brad is affected by what you do today? There are more future Brad’s. I keep coming into your dreams to warn you,” 5-year Brad said adamantly. “20 -year Brad is pissed and I think he is coming here to kick your ass!”


“Listen to me Brad,” he said. “Spend some time thinking about Last Brad.” 


“Last Brad?” Now I was really confused.

Image of a footbridge and fog

“Yes… You, right before you die.” Showing a softer side,  “What does last Brad want to feel? What does he want to be known for? Remembered for?”


“That’s a morbid thought. Last Brad seems so far away. I don’t even know what I want to do this weekend”


“Okay, fair point,” 5-year Brad sighed.


“Forget the other Brad’s for now. Well, don’t forget about 20-year Brad. Did I tell you that you get pretty good in the cage later in life?” He smiled. “Focus on me. What do you want me to be? How do you want me to feel, live, what do you want my circle of friends to look like?”


Thinking to myself, “This all feels like the Matrix. But, I am beginning to understand.”


He went on, “Have Fun with it. The more ways you think about what you want for me, the easier this will be. And the better chance 20-year Brad doesn’t show up looking for you.”


Looking at his phone, he said,” Look, I got to go. 15- year Brad texted me and it looks like 20-year Brad found the car keys.”


“Should he be driving?”


“That depends on you and how you live today.”


What you do today sets the trajectory for where you end up in the future. As a pilot, I know this too well. A painful lesson during flight training. Pilots learn quickly the importance of navigation aids to ensure you are on track. They might be land features if you can see where you are going (VFR). It could be GPS signals, radio signals, or calculated based on time, speed, and heading.


You have the opportunity to write your story. So that 20- year YOU isn’t waiting behind the high school gym for you. 

Attend my “Get 4Sight In Your Life- Become A Hero On A Mission” workshop. You will get the framework to write your story and the tools to ensure you stay on track. You will live a life that is meaningful to you.



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