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5 Lifesaving Tools to Give Your Small Business a Profit Boost

Being Tone Deaf At Work
26 March 2024


Some people have a gambling problem. Or a drinking or drug problem. Some have a shopping problem. Buying too many shoes or watches. I don’t have any of those. (well maybe a watch problem).


I will freely admit that I have a software problem. There is something about technology and my brain. When I come across a new release, I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.


As a Small Business Owner there is a sweet spot for technology. On one end is me. Having WAY too much tech. On the other end is someone who does everything in the notes app on their phone.

Depending on the type of business you have, your sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.

Running a small business without the right tools? That's like trying to find your way through a jungle without a map. You could get lost, waste time, and burn through resources. But don't worry, I've got you covered. Here's a list of tools that are like your business's best friends—they'll help you avoid trouble and reap some awesome benefits.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software The Downside of Not Having It: Losing track of your customers' info or missing out on key interactions can be a nightmare. It's like forgetting your best friend's birthday—you miss out on all the fun and the cake. The Upside of Having It: CRM software is your secret weapon for managing all your customer data, keeping your customers happy, and making smart business decisions. Think of it as the friend who reminds you of everyone's birthdays and even brings the cake.
  • Social Media Management Tools The Downside of Not Having It: Managing multiple social media channels without any help is like juggling flaming torches. It's tricky, and you might get burned. The Upside of Having It: With social media tools, you can schedule posts, keep track of engagement, and get insights from your campaigns. It's like having a sidekick who takes half the torches and juggles with you.
  • Website Analytics The Downside of Not Having It: Without understanding what your website visitors are doing, it's like throwing a party without knowing if anyone showed up. The Upside of Having It: Tools like Google Analytics give you real-time info about your visitors' behaviors. It's like having a friend at the door of the party, telling you who's there, what they're doing, and what they like.
  • Accounting Software The Downside of Not Having It: Doing your accounting manually is, well, a snooze fest. Plus, it's easy to make mistakes which could cost you. The Upside of Having It: Accounting software is like having a personal accountant who doesn't charge by the hour. It simplifies the accounting process, reduces mistakes, and saves you time.
  • Project Management Platform The Downside of Not Having It: Without a clear system, your projects might end up like a group project where no one knows who's doing what. The Upside of Having It: With a project management tool, you can keep everything organized, track progress, and foster great teamwork. It's like having a super-organized friend who keeps everyone on track.


Some of the tools I use serve more than one purpose. CRM & Project Management for example.


While not having these tools can make running a small business pretty hairy, using them can make your life a whole lot easier. They'll help you build stronger relationships with customers, manage your online presence, make smart website changes, keep your finances in check, and keep your projects running smoothly. It's like having a group of friends who've got your back as you navigate the wild world of small business. You'll generate MORE profit.




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